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Public Access

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To arrange a free telephone consultation to assess whether your case is suitable for public access please download and complete this short information form below.
Public Access explained
Traditionally it wasn't possible for someone to get help from a barrister unless they were first referred by a solicitor. The rules that govern the legal profession have changed and many members of Regent Chambers are now able to accept instructions directly from the public.
What are the advantages?

 You can :

  • Deal directly with a barrister, without also paying for a solicitor.


  • Do some of the paperwork yourself, saving costs.


  • Fix the fee for using a barrister before each stage of the case.


  • Get expert advocacy and advice only when you need it most.

How does it work?

The first step is to get in touch with us. We can then :


  • Arrange a free meeting or telephone call to assess your case.


  • Advise whether Public Access is right for you.


  • If so, advise how the case should proceed.


  • Agree a fixed fee for any work you want us to undertake.

Is Public Access right for me?

Not always. It will depend on the circumstances :

  • If the case is unusually complex and involves numerous expert witnesses.

  • If a client is particularly vulnerable and requires additional support.

  • If a client is entitled to 'legal aid' and wants to fund the case in this way.

  • We always initially assess & advise whether Public Access is right for you.

What will it cost?

It will depend on your case. Four factors are important :

  • The area of law concerned.


  • The volume of the paperwork involved.


  • The complexity of any legal issues.


  • The estimated length of any court hearing.


Find out more about Public Access :
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