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Fees & Terms

Our barristers undertake cases subject to:


  • The graduated fee regimes for family & criminal cases

  • Conditional fee agreements

  • Fixed fees (per case or hearing)

  • Hourly rate fees

  • 'Block contract' fees

  • Public access pre-agreed fixed fees (per case or hearing)

Please call or email our clerks to ask for a quotation. They are able to negotiate any fee (if not already subject to the graduated legal-aid fee scheme). We can always provide further assistance or explanation if required. 

Hourly rates range from £60 - £195 per hour dependant upon the area of law concerned, the experience of counsel and the complexity and significance of the work.

When agreeing fixed fees in relation to any case or hearing - whether with professional or public access clients - there are a number of factors which are relevant :


  • The area of law concerned and the issues at stake.

  • The experience level of the chosen barrister.

  • The volume of the paperwork involved.

  • The complexity of any legal issues.

  • The estimated length of any court hearing.


Our clerks are always happy to provide more information about fees upon request.

We accept instructions under the New Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons, but may vary these terms by written agreement.


A full copy of the Standard Terms can be downloaded below.

Like all barristers we are regulated  by the Bar Standards Board.

Public Access clients are able to make secure payments using debit or credit cards, either in person or over the telephone. 

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