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Public Access Lawyer Staffordshire Stoke Cheshire

Areas of Practice


  • Senior Chancery

  • Civil Litigation

  • Property

  • Divorce

  • Human Rights Counsel

  • Public Access

Edmund Farrell

Call : 1981

Gray's Inn



Ed is a highly qualified & experienced barrister with exceptional know-how in many areas of civil and chancery litigation, commercial and property law, divorce, civil partnership and cohabitee property cases and the European Convention of Human Rights.


He is approved by the Bar Council as direct access counsel with whom any person can arrange a rapid interview as well as court or tribunal representation, without having to instruct a solicitor at all.


Ed has an easy and informal manner and is completely without pomp or circumstance. He holds UK and Irish citizenship.He is an accomplished advocate and draftsman of documents in courts and tribunals for the following area of law:


  • European Union and human rights law.

  • General commercial and contract cases, partnership, pensions and insurance.

  • Property law including land, landlord & tenant, commercial leases and housing cases.

  • Banking, mortgages possession proceedings, guarantees.

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy.Employment - unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal cases.

  • Challenging the decisions of education or other tribunals via judicial review.

  • General torts including negligence and nuisance.

  • Libel and slander.


Ed has appeared as an advocate across the courts of England and Wales as well at the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg. He has appeared in many reported cases in the High Court and Court of Appeal.


He is a graduate in law from the University of Leeds and holds a masters degree in human rights and International law from the University of Cambridge. He also holds the postgraduate diploma in European Union law from King’s College, London.

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